Proper Detoxification

Medication and Proper Diet

At Goodwill Foundation, we provide proper medication and diet during the time of detoxification. The initial days after coming to the Rehab Center is really tough for a suffering addict or alcoholic. We keep them under control with medication as per Doctors’ advice. They are fully supported by our volunteers and in-mates throughout the day and night. Normally, after 3 to 4 weeks they ease up and slowly join the daily activities based on the routine of the recovery program set for each patient. The whole process is done with a clinical touch but with a caring attitude as Goodwill Foundation is a therapeutic environment.

Rehabilitation Program

Proper steps to betterment

Rehabilitation program is about setting an addict’s life to normalcy so that it helps him to stand and face reality of day to day life. It applies the same to the alcoholics and other suffering addicts. We guide you through the behavioral aspects through proper educational classes. Starting from group activities, family counselling and of course on on one sessions. This entire management is done periodically by Doctors, Counsellors and also people who are clean for long. We invite sober people to come and share their daily life in order to give a realistic view of the life of a clean addict, outside the treatment center. We also involve long time patients for community interactions, where they motivate others to come and join the therapeutic community so that they can also lead a drug or alcohol free life. Though this is not easy, as it entirely depends on the person who is suffering and really has the desire to stop using. But if you strictly follow the guidance of Goodwill Foundation, then you can surely step into a better life as others have already done it through us. We invite you for a free counseling at our office. Call us once you set up your mind.

Counselling Sessions

One on One and group wise

Counselling is an important section of the rehabilitation process. It can be one on one and also in groups. This is a continuous therapy and can go on for years. Some people are comfortable in speaking one to one but it helps. But group therapy is equally important to increase the level of confidence in addicts and alcoholics. We have seen improvements and miracles do happen if you follow what you are told. Instructions given by counsellors are meant to be followed and only then we can expect good results. These sessions are said to be applied and proven, for years. Feel free with Goodwill Foundation and open yourself for a better life without Drugs and Alcohol.


Visit us in regular intervals

Once we see a growth in behavior and mentality then we suggest that the addict should be released and sent home. But we also schedule visits for after care. The after care process include meetings with recovering addicts and also sitting with the counsellor for opening up the inner mind and also understanding facts of the real life. This can go on for a long term based on the mental growth of someone. But if you are in regular touch then there is no fear and you will surely seek freedom from Drugs and Alcohol. We are professionals but have the caring attitude to treat people who are suffering. Just be with us and you’ll see that we will guide you throughout.